What Medical Spas Won’t Tell You

Medical Spas

Medical spas, which combine some of the services and the atmosphere of a day spa with the clinical expertise of a licensed physician who can often provide more invasive medical treatments, have been on the rise over the past decade. And while they may provide a wide variety of benefits, as you weigh the pros and cons, it’s important to be fully informed. Here are 4 things that medical spas won’t tell you:

  1. 1. Why they’ve gained such an increasing presence. True, they often offer cosmetic procedures to a growing demographic of people seeking out fast, effective anti-aging solutions with little to no down-time, but these medical spas won’t tell you that the doctors they staff are hoping to increase their net income. Soaring medical costs have had a remarkable effect on the amount that insurance companies will reimburse these doctors, so their practices suffer; which, in turn, causes them to expand their client base by signing on for service with medical spas.
    2. The doctor isn’t in. Unless you specifically inquire, medical spas won’t tell you that the licensed physician doesn’t always have to be physically present for your treatment to occur. In fact, some states allow as little as a monthly sign-off on clients’ charts, and the doctor is basically affiliated in name only. It’s important to find out whether your treatment will be handled under the direct supervision of a licensed physician or what qualifications any “specialist” or nurse practitioner might have before you proceed.
    3. Field of expertise. The list of abbreviations after the name of any doctor on staff might be impressive, but one of the things medical spas won’t tell you is that all of those certifications might have nothing to do with the services they’re actually providing. In fact, you could easily find yourself in the care of a doctor who specializes in something irrelevant to your care, with little to no actual experience in the administration of cosmetic procedures. It’s important to do your own investigation into the area of expertise of any physician who might be overseeing your care, so research their credentials.
    4. The state of things in your state. Each state requires something different with regards to licenses and certifications, and one of the most common things that medical spas won’t tell you is what, precisely, those requirements might be. Some states are extremely stringent in their requirements, while others are lax and may allow medical spas to set up practice with little to no actual supervision by a licensed physician.

For more of What Medical Spas Won’t Tell You, check out part II that will be posted 12/18/14

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