What Is Mineral Makeup

What Is Mineral Makeup?

With all the attention it’s gained in the media, the beauty industry has many people checking the ingredient labels on their own makeup products and asking the question: What is mineral makeup? To answer what it is, one would also have to consider what it isn’t. Unlike traditional cosmetic products, which can be harsh to sensitive skin, full of chemicals and preservatives with unpronounceable names, loaded with waxes and emollient oils, and overwhelmed with fragrances, mineral makeup is almost unbelievably pure.

So—What is mineral makeup? Simply stated, it’s a type of makeup formulated using ingredients that are safe, gentle, free of preservatives, fragrance-free, and—most importantly—natural. Generally, mineral makeup contains very finely ground minerals including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, and mica. These specially designed products provide a natural-looking finish that is light on the skin and often have the added benefit of creating a certain level of protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

Pure and Simple

Because they lack the synthetic oils and waxes contained by conventional cosmetics, mineral makeup products won’t clog pores, which means a reduction in breakouts; and the minerals that they do contain are often soothing to inflamed skin. In fact, brands such as Colorscience have become widely known and even endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for their gentility and their natural ability to minimize the appearance of inflammation during recovery periods following anti aging skin treatments and other procedures offered as medical spa aesthetics.

In side-by-side comparisons with conventional cosmetics, mineral makeup generally have a longer shelf life and usually require less product to produce greater results—all of which means that the higher price tag of many mineral makeup brands is well worth the investment.

The words “mineral makeup” may conjure images of a fairly limited number of options when it comes to shades; but because these powdery products are so blendable and offer buildable color, achieving customized shades is fairly simple. The results speak for themselves, and wearers are left looking naturally enhanced, rather than muddy and overwhelmed.

In addition to foundations, mineral makeup lines offer a wide range of formulations for eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, concealers, and even lipsticks and glosses, which means that finding the right type and shade is easier than ever.

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