What is Family Practice?

Family Practice

Family practice is a sector of the medical field that centers around the overall, general health of a patient often times from infancy all the way through adulthood. Also called general practitioners, family practice doctors will address issues that may arise on a more frequent basis such as allergies, viral infections, general check-ups and annual physicals, and anything that might eventually lead to the need for a referral to a more specialized physician.

What Are the Benefits of Family Practice?

Having such a general, wide field of knowledge means that family practitioners are also more experienced in treating a wide range of patients whether that means overseeing the care of a child or adult, male or female. Their scope may be broad, but that general base allows them the freedom to address multiple organ systems and functions of the body in ways that a more specialized physician cannot. They see the body as a whole picture, rather than a segmented one that limits their view to any medical concerns that may fall outside their realm of expertise. In fact, as physicians who often care for an entire family, they can better observe and trace biological, behavioral, psychological, and emotional factors that may be causing health issues. Another benefit of such a wide field is the greater level of trust and relationship that can be cultivated over those years of care. Family practice doctors are better able to serve in the role of an advocate, directing their patients to any physicians who might be better equipped to treat a specific issue; and they provide the foundational support of the medical profession as a whole.

Whether their patient is a woman with basic obstetrical needs or an older patient concerned that they may be seeing symptoms of diabetes, a family practice physician can care for so many facets of health, over such a great length of time, that they often have an advantage over their colleagues in specialty fields. From birth to the last stages of life, they build a more comprehensive knowledge of medicine and the human body, which is why a family practice professional is often able to better assess the needs of the patient in their care. Their ultimate goal is to see their patients’ health improve over every level, rather than simply offering an evaluation that is blinded by the limitations to their field.

Family practice is not only practical it’s a necessary building block of the medical profession. Making sure you’ve found one you trust is crucial to your health and that of your family, after all, visits to the doctor are rarely looked upon with relish. But knowing you can count on your physician to have your best interests in mind can make that next appointment far more easy to keep.

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