Navarre Wellness Weight Loss Programs

Customized Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss at Navarre Wellness is not your average program. The initial visit includes a consultation with Dr. Svendsen, a consultation with our weight loss counselor, a one month supply of supplements, a B-12 injection, medications if indicated, a Power Plate™ session and a session in the Sunlighten Far Infrared sauna. You will also receive a test of your body composition and your resting metabolic rate. Weekly follow up visits are similar.

Customized weight loss programs have become increasingly more accurate and effective with the advancements in health and science, and at Navarre Wellness, we’re proud to present our name and our expertise as an area leader for such specialized services.

Weight Loss ProgramsAs a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, Dr. Pamela Svendsen has gained years of experience in providing the latest practices and procedures for weight loss and specializes in creating weight loss programs specifically tailored to the needs of each individual patient. She’s dedicated to her clients and committed to offering them the best care available, regularly honing her skills and deepening her knowledge through Continuing Medical Education for weight loss in order to familiarize herself with the latest medical and technological advancements. Such high standards have made Dr. Svendsen and her staff at Navarre Wellness an industry leader throughout the area, as our growing list of clients with remarkable success stories can truly attest. At Navarre Wellness, results are our reward. Call today for an appointment and begin your weight loss journey and finding health!

The HCG Diet Riot:
HCG Versus Custom Weight Loss Programs

While the HCG diet has become increasingly popular over the years, Dr. Svendsen and her staff at Navarre Wellness believe that the efficacy and safety of this particular method of weight loss has yet to be proven. In fact, studies have shown overwhelming evidence to the contrary, comparing HCG to a placebo in its lack of successful treatment of patients who are overweight or obese. As a result, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians strongly recommends against its use, while the FDA has taken greater action by actually banning the use of over-the-counter preparations of HCG. At Navarre Wellness, we have found far more effective results in the low carb diets we design as a part of our customized weight loss programs. Our methods are safe and centered around the long term goals of weight control and achieving the best health possible.

Power Plate™ Vibrational Exercise:
Using Technology in Weight Loss Programs

Weigh Loss ProgramsWhile the professional team of weight loss experts at Navarre Wellness believe that regular exercise is a key element in designing effective weight loss programs, we realize that time is often a hindrance to meeting that goal. With that in mind, we offer our clients the use of the Power Plate™, which provides vibrational exercise at varying levels to accommodate the specific physical abilities of each patient. These vibrational exercises utilize the high frequency vibrations of a platform to cause multiple muscle groups to contract very rapidly, thereby building both bone density and muscle mass, improving circulation, and burning fat.

Individuals of all fitness levels can benefit from the use of the Power Plate™, from the highly athletic to those who might be confined to a wheelchair, achieving remarkable results in as little as three 15 minute sessions per week.

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Neutraceuticals, Ortho Molecular Products:
Supplemental Success in Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Svendsen firmly believes in the benefits of nutritional supplements and often recommends them to her patients as a way to maximize weight loss results. Rather than simply pushing one product without first factoring the specific needs and goals of each of her clients, Dr. Svendsen calls on her years of extensive expertise to tailor a plan of practical application for the supplements she recommends. Having found success with both the Ortho Molecular products as well as Designs for Health, the staff at Navarre Wellness offers these highly-reputable and proven supplements to clients as part of their customized weight loss plan. We believe that achieving true and lasting success can better be served by addressing the chemical needs of the body, and the Ortho Molecular products we offer target these biochemical needs through their pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. Weight loss results are further facilitated through the use of supplemental products which maximize hormonal function, suppress the appetite, and increase the metabolism, and Designs for Health has become a trusted resource for their effective treatment of such key weight loss components as these. At Navarre Wellness, we offer our clients only the highest quality products, because we believe that our recommendations reflect our dedication to safety, wellness, and personalized care.

Dr. Svendsen and the friendly, professional team at Navarre Wellness will work with you to meet your goals and create an effective weight loss program that’s as individual as you are. One size doesn’t fit all, give us a call today!