Weight Loss Programs for Women
Weight Loss Programs for Women

Weight Loss Programs for Women: What’s the Difference?

Any truly effective weight loss program is customized to the individual needs of a client or patient and addresses the many aspects of genetic makeup, including gender. Weight loss programs for women can differ from those designed to suit the needs of men; and at Navarre Wellness, we make the specific needs of our female clients a focal point for any plans we present.

Those differences can become even more evident as the aging process unfolds, making the need for weight loss programs for women even more crucial. Hormone functions generally decrease, and emotional and chemical imbalances can lead to weight management problems that were once never a concern. Our weight loss programs for women often include options that address the very real need for hormone therapy, supplemental support, and detailed dietary guidance. At Navarre Wellness, we’re equipped and educated, and we’re confident in our ability to offer our clients the best services with the very best care. Weight management is a long term goal, and we want the relationships we build with our clients to be long term, as well. We’re on your team, and we want you to feel certain that each step you take is a step to a healthy future.

At Navarre Wellness, we design our weight loss programs for women using a process of customization that is based on such factors as height, age, and any pre-existing medical concerns or conditions that our clients may have. We want to help them achieve a healthy weight and provide easy, effective ways to maintain that healthy weight over the course of their lifetime. Our weight loss programs for women first identify your goal weight by determining a healthy weight range, then provide solutions that will be safe and sustainable.

Identifying Goals and Giving Guidance

Dr. Svendsen and her team at Navarre Wellness work one-on-one with clients as they consider available and applicable weight loss programs for women. We encourage our patients to ask questions and raise their concerns––we want the relationship we build to be strong and supportive as we help you reach your weight loss goals.

Our weight loss programs for women are based on diet as well as overall lifestyle, and we’re dedicated to giving our clients the tools and encouragement they need to succeed.

At Navarre Wellness, we provide:

  • Guidance in developing and maintaining healthier habits for diet and exercise
  • Continuous support and monitoring
  • Steady, achievable, and safe goals and timelines
  • Maintainable plans that are realistic and beneficial

Fully Licensed and Certified

At Navarre Wellness, our weight management team is fully licensed and certified, and we’re educated on the latest programs, procedures, and products that may help our clients succeed in meeting their objectives. We’ll provide you with a consultation to aid us in designing an initial plan of action, addressing any questions that you might have, including what options might be available to you based on your health and budgetary needs.

Detailed Weight Loss Program Plans

We’ll present a detailed plan that includes costs and fees for each specific program; information on success rates; references on safety and medical studies; details on maintenance requirements and considerations; and information on classes, products, groups, and any other resources that might aid you in achieving and maintaining your progress now and in the long run.

At Navarre Wellness, we know that weight loss is a difficult process, and without the proper guidance and support, it can seem almost impossible to succeed. We don’t want your victories to be short-lived––we want them to last a lifetime! We want to help you reach your best and healthiest life––but we won’t sacrifice your safety to the trends of the times. The weight loss industry is constantly flooded with fast-fix claims and unrealistic results from miracle drugs and extreme diets; but at Navarre Wellness, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our practices and our dedication to serving our clients with safe and effective, medically tested and approved products and plans that will improve their lives and their health.

There’s a reason that we’ve become an area leader rather than just another hot flash, and our clients feel that difference and see it in the mirror every day. As you consider weight loss programs for women, give the experts at Navarre Wellness a call today!