Weight Loss Programs for Men
Weight Loss Programs for Men

Weight Loss Programs for Men: Is There Really a Difference?

Men and women differ in their needs when it comes to weight management, due in large part to the fact their physical structure is so unique. The hormones and cellular makeup of the male body mean that they need to address certain things that a female may not, all for the sake of reaching the same goal of losing weight. At Navarre Wellness, we have a team of experienced professional weight loss coaches with a strong reputation as an industry leader for the successes we’ve seen in designing customized weight loss programs for men.

Dr. Pamela Svendsen and her team are dedicated to seeing each and every client reach their healthiest, happiest life; and at Navarre Wellness, we know that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is part of that. Our weight loss programs for men specifically address any pre-existing health concerns that might affect the results of any weight loss plan. We know that chemical and emotional imbalances can ultimately hinder the successes we see on the scale, so our highly customized weight loss programs for men often include options that address the very real need for detailed dietary guidance, hormone replacement therapy, and supplemental support. At Navarre Wellness, we’re exceptionally-trained, fully-licensed and certified, and highly educated on the latest products and practices in weight management, and we’re confident in our ability to offer our clients the best services with the very best care. Weight management is not a short-term goal, but a long-term one; and we want the relationships we build with our clients to be long term, as well. Every day is a journey, and we want you to know that we’re here to help you in that journey.

In-Depth Consultation

At Navarre Wellness, our weight loss programs for men are developed through a process of customization that begins with an in-depth consultation to aid us in designing an initial course of action, addressing any questions that you might have, including those regarding all options that might be available to you based on your health, your objectives, and your finances.

We’ll present an outline that includes timelines, costs, and fees for each specific program; statistics on success rates and results; relevant references on safety and medical studies; details on maintenance requirements and considerations; and information on support groups, classes, products, and any other resources that might aid you in achieving and maintaining your progress both now and in the years ahead.

Goals and Guidance

Identifying Individual Goals and Giving Effective Guidance
At Navarre Wellness, we know that diet is only one facet of weight management, so our weight loss programs for men offer nutritional counseling and support; advice for adopting a healthy lifestyle and guidance for implementing the changes that need to occur; and emotional support to maintain your progress even when your biggest challenges arise.
We know that one-on-one, customized care is crucial to any successful weight loss journey, so at Navarre Wellness, our weight loss programs for men provide:

  • Guidance in developing and maintaining healthier habits for diet and exercise
  • Continuous support and monitoring
  • Steady, achievable, and safe goals and timelines
  • Maintainable plans that are healthy, realistic, and beneficial

Weight loss is a difficult process both psychologically and physically; and without the proper guidance and support, achieving success can seem almost impossible. We don’t want your victories to be short-lived we want them to last over the course of your lifetime! At Navarre Wellness, our mission is to help you reach your weight loss goal but we won’t compromise your safety or health to trendy tricks that promise unrealistic results. The weight loss industry is constantly flooded with fast-fix claims from miracle drugs and extreme diets; but at Navarre Wellness, we pride ourselves on our integrity; and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with safe and effective, medically tested and approved products and plans that will improve their lives and their health.

Shedding weight doesn’t have to be a shredding experience at Navarre Wellness, we want our clients to lean on us for guidance and support. As you consider weight loss programs for men, give our experienced team a call today!