Weight Loss with a Power Plate™

The Scientific Shake-up

While most people might consider the concept of vibrational exercise to be foolish, such technology has been scientifically tested to be highly effective and beneficial. In fact, NASA has long embraced vibrational exercise as part of their programs to prepare astronauts for lengthy missions in space, and the use of this technology has given rise to the development of the Power Plate™. At Navarre Wellness, we have seen great success in recommending that our weight loss patients follow regular routines utilizing the health benefits of a Power Plate™.

The Power Plate™ is engineered to use whole body vibration technology and has been proven effective as a solution for stress management as well as in building bone density and increasing muscle mass, improving the circulatory system, improving flexibility, and burning fat. The expert staff at Navarre Wellness often recommends the use of a Power Plate™ for weight loss so that these benefits can further build on the foundations of the custom weight loss plans that we design, and we firmly believe that the physical and emotional changes that result from these vibrational exercises can optimize your overall health and maximize your weight loss potential.

Unleashing the Power of Weight Loss with a Power Plate™

While we emphasize the importance of fitness and regular exercise to our clients, we also believe that the use of a Power Plate™ provides an ideal supplement to further strengthen the physical and emotional health of our patients while promoting weight loss. Even as little as 15 minutes, three times a week can show marked results in overall function, and because the vibrational technologies of a Power Plate™ can be adjusted to suit the fitness level of any individual, it can be used in applications of physical rehabilitation as well as muscle conditioning.

Weight Loss Power PlateOur staff at Navarre Wellness has been highly trained in the use of the Power Plate™ so that we can more successfully instruct you on proper form and application of the machine. We know what a powerful tool it can be in bolstering the results of our weight loss programs, so being well-educated on these technologies is one of our goals. A Power Plate™ is designed to operate in rapid vibrations that run in three directions––up and down, side to side, and front to back––which stimulate the body’s response mechanisms to destabilization in a way that bears directly on the muscular-skeletal system. These responses are, in turn, responsible for the health benefits and weight loss benefits so often seen in patients who use a Power Plate™, and precisely why we at Navarre Wellness so strongly stand behind their application in our programs. We want our patients’ goals to be reached by employing healthy and realistic weight loss methods of treatment, and a Power Plate™ fits ideally into that principle. We realize that vibrational exercise is not a magic bullet, emphasizing that it be used as a component of our more comprehensive plans. We never want our clients to assume that a Power Plate™ will accomplish the results that will be seen through healthful diets and regular cardio exercise, but we do place a high value on what its technology can provide through proper use for weight loss.

Stepping Up to the Power Plate™ for Weight Loss

Our patients have seen and felt remarkable changes in far more than simply their weight, and the expert staff at Navarre Wellness feel that those changes are often what provide further motivation at times that seem most challenging. We see the body in a more comprehensive capacity than simply the physical and outward appearance––we know the importance of maintaining emotional health, and we feel that the psychosomatic benefits of using a Power Plate™ are complementary to patients who might be struggling with their self-image as they take this very emotional, often very difficult journey to weight loss.

At Navarre Wellness, we want each and every client to know that their needs are being given the greatest personal attention, and we feel that the individual level of care we provide is reflective of our dedication and integrity. We want to ensure your success and guide you to have a strongly centered body and mind, in the hopes that the future you find will be healthy, happy, and well-prepared to stand sure footed when things seem shaky.

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