Spa Wellness

Spa Wellness:
Spa Speak

For many people, the phrase “spa day” seem like a frivolity, a pamper session limited to those with time and money to spare on indulgences like manicures, pedicures, and anti aging aesthetics such as Botox and facial fillers. The male population habitually dismisses them for their feminine appeal, assuming that no man would dare cross the threshold of the so-called beauty spa. Aside from those misplaced assumptions, the reality is that the reasons to consider going to a spa and wellness center are far more than girly or superficial…they’re actually rationally based, with health benefits and medical studies to prove their worth.

While the media often feminizes the spa industry and lumps their clientele into a demographic that excludes both men and financially-conscious, practically-minded women, more focus is being given to the actual medical benefits of visiting a wellness spa. For some clients, the homeopathic healing provided by medical spa massages can eliminate the need for conventional drugs, while others may find great success in being given the dedicated attention of experts who can offer them custom weight loss programs. And while a facial may seem simple enough, that beauty treatment may prove to be a catalyst, a motivational tool to pay greater attention to health as a whole so that the outward appearance shows evidence of true well-being.

Spa Wellness:
Mirrored Motivation

The desire to look good can have powerful effects on the health, and the reason for that is that the body reflects externally what is happening internally. Having healthy skin and a youthful look may be temporarily attainable through the use of anti aging products, but having poor health can prematurely age you. So thinking beyond the mirror would beg the question of just what might be the reasons behind that aging. Are you at a heathy weight? Are your hormones in balance? Are you using the right skincare? Wanting to look good begins the conversation and inspires action, whether that means examining wellness weight loss plans, learning about anti aging medicine or bio-identical hormones for men, or simply seeking advice on proper skin care. True spa wellness is about more than just visual appeal—it’s about achieving greater vitality, both inside and out.

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