Spa Services

Spa Services:
Pretty Appealing

Even some of the best spas overlook how overall health can play into your appearance, and they focus solely on the aesthetics. A medi spa, however, actually focuses on both, integrating medical health and beauty treatments into one facility so that the ways they directly relate to one another can be considered in effectively achieving the goals of each client.

Spa services like Botox and facial fillers often top the list of beauty spas, along with other treatments whose main claim to fame is to glamorize, pamper, and relax you; but at wellness spas, services like medical spa massages also concentrate on the ways that massages can optimize your health, soothing nerves and encouraging greater circulation. Regardless of the type of spa services chosen, however, there’s certainly more than just the indulgence factor to keep in mind as you try to justify just why you might be needing to book your next appointment. Case study after case study are actually in your corner on this one, clearly and irrefutable linking the effects of feeling good on looking good, as well as the foundational role that wanting to look good can also motivate you to take the steps necessary in achieving better health.

Spa Services:
Beautifully Beneficial

Take, for instance, how many ways hormonal health affects you. If your hormones are out of balance, you can look older and feel older, and those imbalances can also wreak havoc on your weight. Whether you’re a man over fifty whose energy levels are dipping and your libido is low or you’re a woman in your forties suddenly staring at wrinkles and cursing a scale that seems to conspire against you, checking into specially formulated bio-identical hormones for men and bio-identical hormones for women can mean the difference between simply learning to deal with it or actually being able to solve the problems.

Even something as simple as a facial, however, can have benefits that are more than superficial. That facial isn’t something that only goes skin-deep. Like many medical spa aesthetics services, facials can help you de-stress; and by encouraging you to relax, they offer you the chance to re-evaluate things and to take your own emotional balance into consideration. You’ll see the benefits not only in the mirror, but also in the ways that you manage the challenges in the rest of your daily life, whether you’re facing an unreasonable co-worker or simply negotiating bedtime with a temperamental toddler.

At Navarre Wellness, these are some of the key reasons we do what we do. Dr. Pamela J. Svendsen, M.D., and her team have a passion for health and a passion for people, and we believe that dedication is reflected by everything we do. We went to meet the needs of every client who comes to us looking for a better, healthier, more beautiful life; and our spa services are customized to meet those goals. Take a look at your own health and consider the bigger picture. You deserve nothing but the best, so put yourself on the priority list!

Indulge your health and embrace a more beautiful life—give the team at Navarre Wellness Medical Spa a call today!