Saunas and Weight Loss

Saunas and Weight Loss:
Turn Up the Burn

Some of the best weight loss spas claim that the benefits of a sauna are directly related to health and even weight loss; but if you’re considering using a sauna to lose weight, will you actually see results? Sure, you may watch the needle on the scale take a nose-dive after you’ve spent some time sweating it out in the sauna, but are you really losing anything more than water weight?

According to an increasing amount of research, there truly is evidence to back up those claims and prove the health benefits of a sauna, one of which is weight loss. So how does it all start? To put it simply, the sauna’s increasing heat encourages the body to begin a detoxification process that will actually result in calorie burn. The reason for that is infrared technology, which elevates body temperature and causes an escalation in heart rate, a spike in metabolism, and an intensification of cardiac output. Your body is working overtime to cool itself down, and all that extra work is going to be noticeable on the scale. Yes, you’re sweating, but you’re sweating more than just water.

So just how much weight should you put on those findings? They’re certainly not something to dismiss, but they’re also not something to rely on as your sole method of achieving weight loss goals. Instead, think of spas as a nice warm way to ramp up any weight loss programs you’ve begun. They’re supporting, not primary, players in wellness weight loss plans, something to consider using in addition to the well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine that will be the foundation of your success.

A Hotbed of Health

Weight loss aside, there are other health benefits to turning up the burn. In fact, those studies also point to evidence that the sauna sizzle can improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, provide pain relief, encourage relaxation, and even detoxify the body. What’s not to love about that? It seems, then, that the rise in popular use of saunas comes with good reason, providing homeopathic relief for health issues that might have otherwise seemed incurable without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, however, much of the public is still unaware that spending time in a sauna is more than simple indulgence; and so they write it off, thinking they have no time to spare for sitting in a hotbox.

For those who do recognize the advantages of a session with the sauna, the personal proof has far outweighed the paper. They look better, they feel better, and that healthy glow lasts long past their time in the timbers.

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