Restoring the Health of Your Vagina After Breast Cancer Treatment


Vaginal Health after Breast Cancer

It’s a cruel fact that one of the ways cancer disrupts your body is the effect treatment plays on your hormones. Fighting cancer is a battle in and of itself, but the powerful drugs and aggressive radiation it often takes to kill cancer cells has the unfortunate side effect of significantly diminishing hormone function and reducing proper production of estrogen. As a result, cancer survivors and women in treatment suffer from emotional and physical symptoms that put one in mind of menopause – mood swings and hot flashes and even, unfortunately, vaginal issues that can make sexual function a challenge. 

As cancer treatment continues, the aggressive therapies cause vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and changes in sexual function that are a direct result of the lack of estrogen production. Estrogen is responsible for keeping the tissues of the vaginal walls thick, strong, moist, and elastic.  When estrogen is reduced, sex often becomes uncomfortable as chafing, burning, itching, and other types of irritation arise during intercourse.

Fortunately, such issues can be minimized by the use of laser technology treatments.  At Navarre Wellness, we offer our clients the safe, quick, and effective option of FemTouch laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Laser-Focused Solutions

Using a sterilized applicator that is inserted and applied to the vaginal walls in an outward motion, the FemTouch laser is directed in a 360-degree pattern to the vaginal tissue to ensure that the entire treatment area is covered. The old tissue is resurfaced and new tissue growth is stimulated, leading to vaginal tightening as the collagen cells increase to firm and plump the vaginal tissue. In addition, the vaginal tissues are stimulated to produce greater moisture.  This reduces painful chafing, burning, irritation, and tearing that often occurs as the vaginal tissues thin, weaken, and lose moisture.  The rejuvenated tissue becomes far healthier – leading not only to an improved sexual experience, but greater vaginal health overall.

At Navarre Wellness, we’re dedicated to working with our clients to help them enjoy the healthiest life possible, and we’re committed to providing them with safe, effective, medically tested and approved treatments and options that will give them the ability to embrace their femininity and celebrate the life ahead.

Beating breast cancer should be something you can celebrate in great health! Give the team of women’s health experts at Navarre Wellness a call and schedule your consultation to learn more about our FemTouch treatments today!