Pro peel vs. Home peel

At-home chemical peel

Professional Chemical Peel vs. At-Home Chemical Peels: What’s the difference?

“Get spa-quality results in your own bathroom!” say the ads for at-home chemical peel kits. Then they come with pages of instructions and warnings and disclaimers – and you’re about to put that on your face?

Chemical peels work by removing the top layers of skin. Before treatment, a professional will consider your skin type, your specific issues and your desired results then create a customized treatment. At-home chemical peels hand you a box and say, “Go for it.” It may be tempting to think you can get a “miracle” at-home chemical peel on the cheap off the beauty store shelf or delivered to your front door, but before you take that risk consider the effectiveness and safety of at-home vs. professional chemical peel treatments.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels resurface the skin with a chemical solution that removes the top layers to varying depths, dependent on the issues we are treating. As the skin heals, the new skin is smoother and younger looking. Chemical peels are popular because they can be used to treat a wide range of issues including uneven skin tone, dark skin patches, fine lines and even deeper wrinkles.  Many professional and at-home chemical peels use similar active ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid. Each option differs in strength or concentration and each targets specific goals.

Chemical peels: Stronger peel, more dramatic results

The main difference between a professional peel formula and an at-home chemical peel formula is the concentrations of the acids used. Professional chemical peels are generally far more powerful, which enables these peels to target deeper levels of the skin and treat moderate to severe wrinkling, sun damage and pigmentation. With a professional peel, you can see dramatic results after a single treatment.

Since in-office peels are performed in a clean, controlled setting by a medical professional, they can safely use stronger concentrations for better, longer lasting results. The process is carefully monitored and you are given aftercare instructions and product recommendations. At-home chemical peels use far less powerful acids and can only affect the very top layers of skin – yet they can still cause irritation and burning if not done correctly.

Customized treatments

Skin care professionals can adjust the composition and concentration of the chemical peel solution and customize the formula to fit the skin type and specific needs of the individual patient. They can even perform a peel in cooperation with other products and services to optimize results for specific skin types and issues.

Mild at-home chemical peels from trusted over-the-counter brands may be useful for general skin maintenance. These peels provide minimal results, with many home-based options requiring multiple uses before seeing any effects.


Only well-trained people should use chemical peel ingredients. In a professional setting, a trained provider has the skills and expertise to assess your needs and safely use the optimal chemical peel ingredients and complementing products. They also have the experience to know how long to apply the chemicals and when to remove them for maximized cosmetic effect without risking irritation or burns.

With an at-home chemical peel, you may not realize you’re in trouble until your face starts burning. Then it may be too late. At-home chemical peel kits carry the risk of irritation or even chemical burns that can lead to discoloration and scarring.


Professional chemical peels are typically more expensive than at-home chemical peels for a single treatment. However, home peels may require several treatments to get the results you want – or they may not be strong enough to get those results, ever. And every additional at-home treatment needed is another opportunity for something to go wrong. So, just because you are able to buy a product in a store or order it online does not mean it is completely safe for untrained consumer use. Is your face the place to experiment and cut corners? No.

Contact Navarre Wellness and set up a personal and professional consultation to find out if a chemical peel is right for your skin care goals.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Millions of women in the United States are suffering from the symptoms of hormone imbalance and menopause including:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Loss of Sex Drive
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Irritability
  • Erratic vaginal bleeding
  • PMS symptoms
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Fibrocystic breast disease

These symptoms are associated with your stress level, nutrition, fitness level and the environmental toxins your body is exposed to on a daily basis.

Dr. Svendsen prescribes only bio-identical hormones, hormones which are identical to the body’s own chemistry, integrated with nutrition and fitness. Our goal is to provide a treatment that helps women suffering from the symptoms of menopause and live the best life possible while at the same time minimizing the side effects often associated with synthetic hormone therapy.

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