Personalized Weight Loss

Personalized Weight Loss:
Who Are You?

Having a one-sized fits all weight loss plan might work for many people hoping to shed a few pesky pounds, but if you’re in serious need of losing weight, personalized weight loss plans are certainly something to consider. After all, they take a deeper dive into you beyond simply the amount of weight you hope to lose, addressing your gender, your medical history, your lifestyle, and even the specific ways you may relate to food and exercise. All of those components play a direct role into achieving success that can be maintainable, rather than simply ending up with one more short-lived victory dance in your skinny-jeans.

Personalized Weight Loss:
Fight Like a Girl

Besides the obvious, men and women differ greatly in the ways that weight loss programs work for them. Hence the development of the gender-specific weight loss plan and the rise in popularity of weight loss plans for women. Listen to any group of women for any length of time, and the topic of weight loss is sure to come up. Ask that same group of women their greatest frustrations, and most if them will mention the unfair advantage that men seem to have in shedding weight at will. There are reasons for that imbalance, and most of it has to do with the simple difference in the ways that men and women are genetically programed to burn calories. Men burn at a greater rate, while women’s bodies are built to store a little more—especially once they reach the point in their lives known as the child-bearing years.

Weight loss programs for women address all those helter-skelter hormonal shifts and the ways that they reflect on the scale, whether you’re looking at your most fertile years or facing the flashes of menopause. Rather than simply giving you a checklist of things to do and not to do, you’re armed with a customized approach for dealing with your very real, very personal struggle and given tips and tools to use that apply specifically to you. You’re a woman, and that’s a beautiful thing, not something to be lamented every time the scale creeps up. Celebrate your womanhood and learn the ways that you can achieve success, rather than feeling as though you’re losing the fight in an uphill battle. You may just find yourself with a full dance card, rocking those skinny jeans down to their very last threads.

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