November – Healthy Skin and the Great American Smoke Out

Stop smoking and start glowing!

You know November is both Healthy Skin Month and the Great American Smoke Out? These two events are a perfect match because smoking is one of the most damaging and aging things you can do to your skin.

We all know the dangers and risks smoking poses to our lungs and hearts. It causes huge numbers of cancer cases and death every year.

But it also destroys your skin from the inside out. That’s not just an appearance issue – that’s a health issue.

Cigarette smoke contains a cocktail of harmful chemicals that harm the surface of your skin and the structures that keep it resilient. First, carbon monoxide displaces the vital oxygen that your blood delivers to your skin cells. Then nicotine reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin. And that’s just the beginning.

How does smoking affect your skin?

The addictive chemical, nicotine, causes constricted blood vessels, or vasoconstriction, which limits oxygen-rich blood flow to your skin and every other part of the body. Even after you stub out your cigarette, this constriction chokes off oxygen and blood supply for up to another 30 minutes.

Skin deprived of oxygen and vital nutrients develops wrinkles more easily and can take on a yellowish or grayish cast. Smokers also develop fine vertical lines around the mouth from the physical act of holding the cigarette in your lips. Wounds, scrapes and blemishes take longer to heal, giving you larger, deeper, darker scars. The suffocating skin is also unable to fight off flare-ups of immunity-related conditions such as psoriasis and genital herpes.

Smoking depletes many of the nutrients vital to healthy, glowing skin, destroying antioxidants like vitamins C and E and even the naturally occurring antioxidants in your body. Smoking then turns oxygen into free radicals. More free radicals plus less protection equal visibly aging skin.

Cigarette chemicals also destroy collagen and elastin, the structures that keep skin plump, resilient and smooth. Once these structures fail, it can result in stretch marks, sunken cheeks, thin lips and deep wrinkles such as the “parentheses” around the mouth. On average, smokers look an average of 1.4 years older than their non-smoking peers.

You can fight the impact smoking has on your skin with anti-aging treatments including laser resurfacing and dermaplaning to restore glow by removing dead

skin and stimulating new cell growth. Skin that has begun to wrinkle and sag can be treated with facial rejuvenation therapies like OxyGeneo and IPL photofacial treatments.

But the most important step is to find a program and the support you need to quit smoking, ASAP.

Decrease your risks – Quit today

Of course, the most serious risk of smoking is that it is a leading cause of lung, throat, mouth, and esophageal cancers. But you may not know that smoking also increases your risk of skin cancer? Smokers are three times as likely as nonsmokers to develop squamous cell carcinoma, the second most commonly diagnosed type of skin cancer.

At Navarre Wellness, we support you in your efforts to quit smoking. We know it’s tough, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your skin and your overall health.

Even if you have failed to quit before, it’s important to keep trying. Do it for your health and your beautiful self! Save up the money you would have spent on dangerous, damaging cigarettes and celebrate your success with a spa day to spoil your skin. You – and your skin – deserve it!