What Medical Spas Won’t Tell You, Part 3

Medical Spas

Not everyone is well-educated on medical spas, and before choosing one to handle your care, it’s important to investigate for yourself some of the things that medical spas won’t tell you. Read below to find out more of the things that medical spas won’t tell you, continued from Part II.

8. What skeletons might be hiding in their closet. Cosmetic procedures are often seen as indulgent or vain, and patients who seek out these treatments can carry the concern of being judged for their decision to undergo treatment. When complications arise, these clients often opt for resolution that is quick, efficient, and quiet, rather than exposing themselves to the negativity that might occur if they make their grievances public or file a more official complaint with state regulatory agencies. And while, in the long run those hush-hush resolutions might compensate the complainant, this becomes one of the things that medical spas won’t tell you. In fact, that code of silence is often part of any settlement being made with the patient in question, a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement that keeps the news from hitting public knowledge.
9. They’re hoping for repeat visits. Some cosmetic procedures and treatments will require multiple applications before the full results are achieved to become permanent, but the real profits can be made from treatments that last only months before they must be repeated. One of the things that medical spas won’t tell you is that they’re hoping you’ll become a lifetime client so they can pad their bank accounts and see some real profits. Legitimate facilities and practitioners will be forthright in their estimation of time and cost of maintenance, recommending a more reasonable plan rather than one that might prove the least effective and bring you in again that much sooner.
10. They can’t fully explain some of the effects that some of their treatments might provide. While an increasing number of clients are seeking out alternative medicine, one of the things that medical spas won’t tell you is that the massage and acupuncture are alternative methods of care that they often can’t expect to be as effective as traditional medicine. In fact, these are treatments that have no real and proven rate of success; and when they prove effective, the medical spas aren’t always able to offer true explanation.

As you consider the available options at any medical spa, delve deeper and ask questions. Some of the most important things are actually the very things that medical spas wont tell you…unless you ask. Let Navarre Wellness answer those questions for you; give us a call today!