What Medical Spas Won’t Tell You, Part 2

Medical Spas

As mentioned in part I, there are important things to know about medical spas, but unless you’re proactive and specifically inquire, these are things that medical spas won’t tell you. Here are a few more:

5. What regulation requirements they meet. In the interest of boosting their bottom line, one of the things that medical spas won’t tell you is that most states differ in what they require of each medical spa, and some states don’t even regularly inspect these facilities. They often go unregulated unless complications arise; so depending on where you live, your chosen medical spa could be completely un-inspected and unregulated in regards to health code standards and license requirements. All the more reason to research any medical spa you might be planning to visit.
6. How qualified the aestheticians might be. Again, each state varies in their requirements of medical spas, and one of the things medical spas won’t tell you is that the aesthetician assigned to your care might actually be extremely under-qualified to be overseeing your treatment. Your appearance is literally in their hands, so it’s prudent to press for details on their level of experience and what exactly their qualifications might be. Some states require hundreds of hours of beauty school or an internship, while others might allow these aestheticians to practice without practice.
7. How much risk you might be running. There are certain risks involved in cosmetic procedures, and while serious complications might be rare, they do still happen. And while they might gloss over those dangers, one of the things medical spas won’t tell you unless you specifically ask is the frequency of those complications and the level of severity. Naturally, they’re in business to make money, so while they might inform you that any procedure involves some risks and might cause minor side-effects, they’re a bit hesitant to disclose more than that. And because medical spa injuries are generally not reported with a centralized entity, those specific numbers can be extremely hard to track. Currently, one of the best ways to avoid major issues is to contact the Better Business Bureau to research any red flags and to get customer referrals.

For more of What Medical Spas Won’t Tell You, check out part III that will be posted 12/22/14

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