Wellness Medical Spa
Wellness Medical Spa

Wellness Medical Spa:
The Total Package

Though not all people are aware of what a wellness medical spa can actually provide, a wellness med spa combines the medical benefits of a medical spa with the more aesthetically-based offerings of a beauty spa to provide a more holistic approach to client care. At Navarre Wellness, we’ve become an area leader for our standards of excellence, our dedication to our clients, and our level of expertise. We firmly believe that, in order to be truly healthy, one must consider every aspect of life—mind, body, and soul; and by treating each of those components, we help our clients reach total wellness.

More than just a day at the spa

We offer more than just a day at the spa—we offer care and advice that will carry through in your lifelong journey to health and vitality. At Navarre Wellness, we provide a wide range of medical spa treatments, and our specific areas of expertise include:

Weight loss is a health concern for many people; and, in addition to providing medically-based weight loss programs that have been tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client on an individual basis, we advise them on the possible benefits of supportive measurements which include weight loss supplements for men, weight loss supplements for women, and even the viability of stimulating weight loss with a power plate. We know that seeing success in weight loss is not an easy achievement, and we want you to feel fully supported every step of the way.

There’s more to anti aging than simple medical beauty treatments, and we’ve seen the proven benefits of bioidentical hormones for men and bioidentical hormones for women in restoring youthful vitality. We work with our clients to design anti aging plans that are safe and effective, offering options including:

At Navarre Wellness, we know that looking good and feeling confident in your appearance plays a key role in not only making you feel better, but also in maintaining the work that you’re doing to improve your overall health. How you feel internally is reflected in your outward appearance, and because of that, we strongly advise our clients to consider the benefits of incorporating medical spa treatments into their plans. We have a friendly, knowledgeable team of aestheticians who will consult directly with you to assess your needs, your goals, and your budget, exploring what might best suit you and help you accomplish your vision. We offer services and product options including:

Dedicated to our clients

At Navarre Wellness, we’re dedicated to our clients and gaining their trust; to building relationships with them that last a lifetime; and with helping them truly achieve their very best life. We want them to feel health and happiness in every aspect of their lives, to be emotionally balanced, and to see that vitality radiate from the inside out. We never want them to feel as though they’re just another client in a long list of names—we appreciate their individuality and want them to be able to fully embrace everything that makes them so unique. We want them to unlock their potential and see them thrive, and we’re honored to be part of the journey that they call life.

Don’t leave “well enough” alone—change your life and make it truly great! Give the team at Navarre Wellness a call today!