Waxing Services
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Waxing Services

Unwanted hair is a constant concern for many people, regardless of age or sex, leaving them seeking the fastest, most effective, and longest-lasting methods of removal; and at Navarre Wellness, we offer our clients many wellness spa treatments and medical spa aesthetics including waxing on areas of the body prone to unwanted hair.

Pulling Out the Benefits

While some individuals may have the desire and the budget to afford permanent removal treatments, many people prefer to use waxing as an alternative to shaving, threading, depilatory products, or even laser hair removal. When administered correctly, wax is a fast and effective solution, though it often has the slight disadvantage of causing minor pain and discomfort during the removal process and can leave behind slight swelling, redness, and short periods of minor bleeding where the hairs have been pulled from the shaft.

Overall, waxing is a safe, convenient method of temporarily removing hair that lacks many of the disadvantages of many other forms of removal. Unlike shaving, waxing risks no nicks, cuts, or razor burn and contains none of the harsh chemicals so commonly found in depilatory products.

Wax On, Wax Off

Most common waxing areas include:

  • Chest
  • Bikini zone
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows

In the Zone

The bikini zone is an increasingly popular area of the body addressed by waxing. Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair entirely, extracting it from the shaft rather than merely cutting it level to the surface of the skin. It affords the convenience of longer periods of hairlessness, though it can cause some initial irritation. Wax can be applied in more minimal areas, such as along the bikini line, or to the entire area, which will remove all hair in the bikini zone for a clean, hairless look commonly called the Brazilian.

Face Facts

The face is, of course, one of the greatest areas of concern for unwanted hair, which is why many women turn to waxing when they want to remove hair from their cheeks, chin, upper lips, and eyebrow areas. Waxing removes these hairs for weeks at a time, negating the need for tweezing, shaving, or the application of depilatories which may cause irritation to the sensitive skin on the face. Facial waxing is safe, effective, and far more precise than many other removal methods, making it ideal for smaller areas such as the eyebrows, where wax can be applied to reshape the eyebrows and provide more definition.

Body of Work

No matter the area of the body being addressed, waxing is proven to be extremely efficient in the removal of hair. Both men and women find benefits in the results of one session and are left feeling more confident in their appearance, seeing a beautiful reflection with soft, silky, and smooth skin free of hair.

Hair Free and Care Free

At Navarre Wellness, our clients can rest assured in the knowledge that they are being given the highest level of service and attention by highly skilled aestheticians whose greatest goal is to provide them with excellent results in a safe, comfortable, clean environment. Each member of our knowledgeable staff is fully licensed and trained on the latest products and best methods of waxing to ensure that we are able to offer options that are as beneficial and effective as possible, and every client in our care is treated with the greatest respect. At Navarre Wellness, we realize that our client relationships are a building block of our success, and part of that relationship relies on the trust that they have in us. The body is to be respected, and as we work with our clients to determine what goals they may have in seeking our assistance, we want them to feel confident that they can entrust that body to our care.

Remove your unwanted hair and regain your confidence! Give the experienced staff at Navarre Wellness a call today!