Sunlighten Saunas


Medical Spa Sunlighten Saunas

Though many might consider the use of a sauna to be merely a luxury, a way to relax and perhaps catch up on the latest gossip, studies have proven that there are multiple health benefits directly related to its warming ways. At Navarre Wellness, we feel that those benefits are complimentary to our goals in helping our clients find total body wellness, and we’re proud to offer the use of Sunlighten saunas as part of our medical spa services.

Those benefits include:

Sweating releases toxins that have been built up in the body, and medical spa applications of Sunlighten saunas are a safe, homeopathic way of promoting the body’s sweat responses. Once those toxins have been released, the body is free to heal and even protect itself against future harm, which means that we at Navarre Wellness can help you maintain good health in one of the most natural ways possible. Unlike most conventional saunas, the Sunlighten saunas we use cause the release of 20 percent toxins through the sweat, as compared to only 3 percent, which means that our clients will experience a greater level of detoxification.

Weight Loss
In addition to boosting overall health and immunity, the detoxification processes of Sunlighten saunas have also been proven to torch more than 600 calories in one 40 minute session. Its infrared technology causes an elevation in body temperature that triggers an escalated heart rate, metabolic rate, and cardiac output as the body begins a focused attempt to cool itself. Naturally, those responses result in a calorie burn that aids weight loss; and as part of our medical spa weight loss programs, the Sunlighten saunas have become an invaluable tool in helping our clients achieve greater success in meeting their goals.

At Navarre Wellness, we feel that the clients in our care should embrace the importance of relaxation to their overall health. We see the direct relation between body and mind, and we address both components as we work to bring our medical spa clients to total wellness. Sunlighten saunas provide a safe, therapeutic heat source that elevates the core temperature of the body to levels which release tension and stress; reduce blood pressure; and relieve muscle strain, resulting in more holistic healing.

Pain Relief
Many of our clients have found the infrared technologies of the sauna to provide homeopathic solutions in alleviating pain, as common ailments are often responsive to heat. Tension relief and muscle relaxation are only a few of its benefits, and studies have shown a continuing growth in its usage to treat nerve pain, sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple other chronic pain conditions.

Blood Pressure Reduction
A healthy heart is critical, and at Navarre Wellness, we often recommend that our clients take advantage of the blood pressure reduction that has been shown to directly result from the regular use of the Solocarbon heater technologies of Sunlighten spas. As our clients experience stress reduction, the body’s natural tendency to lower blood pressure and increase circulation is triggered, providing an effective tool in in many cardiovascular therapies.

Improved Circulation
The multiple benefits of infrared spa technologies include improved circulation, which produces the same effects as exercise and stimulates the body to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate the healing processes. These can all be especially beneficial after strenuous activity, so we often recommend sauna sessions be scheduled post-workout.

Skin Purification
In addition to the health benefits of Sunlighten saunas, the results they have shown in skin care have been remarkable. As part of our skin care therapy treatments, the estheticians at Navarre Wellness believe that we can offer our clients the very best solutions to achieving and maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion.

As we work with our clients to find treatments and solutions to address their specific needs and goals, we take pride in the success we have seen with the implementation of Sunlighten saunas into our medical spa treatment plans. At Navarre Wellness, we’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their optimum level of health––in body and in mind. Call us today for your one-on-one consultation––we’ll help you bring your best to light!