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Nail Services: Nailing the Beauty Scene

At Navarre Wellness, we offer our clients a great variety of services and treatments that both enhance the outward appearance and nurture the inner soul, and one of our most popular medical aesthetics treatments includes a wide range of nail services. Hands play such a large role in our daily lives, capturing attention in ways that few other parts of the body can. As part of the hands, nails have become a focal point for the beauty industry, and the market has seen marked increase in the demand to nail great nails.

Hitting the Nail on the Head

The most commonly performed nail services at a wellness medical spa are manicures and pedicures, which, depending on the particular preferences of the client, can be as simple as clipping, filing, buffing, and deep-moisturizing the nails and toenails or being a bit bold by adding a pop of polish and shine with one of the many colors currently nailing the beauty scene. Whatever the case may be, nails have become a blank canvas, a non-verbal way to convey a message, a small way to polish one’s image or express individuality.

Professionally Polished

While nails can certainly be maintained at home, having a professional manicurist take the task in hand offers multiple benefits to the client. Chips, streaks, and bubbles in the polish can be avoided, but even more important than this is the way that professional nail services offer an opportunity to relax and feel pampered. At Navarre Wellness, we provide our clients a unique experience in a soothing setting where they are shown the highest level of care. Our staff is highly trained, with years of experience in the field, and every tip of every finger we touch is reflective of our standards for superiority.

The Finer Tips

The skilled team of nail technicians at Navarre Wellness offers our clients nail services at all price points, including basic manicures, pedicures, and shellac gel nail treatments for the natural nail. We’re dedicated to letting natural beauty shine through, so unlike many mainstream day spas, we offer no artificial nails. Each of our tools is cleaned and sanitized to meet health code standards, ensuring that each of our clients can enjoy a safe, sanitary session and feel secure that their well-being is well in hand.

We work with our clients to find the type of services perfect for them, providing them with options that are respective of their budget and fit their lifestyles. At Navarre Wellness, we feel that strong, healthy, beautiful nails communicate a sense self-worth, of confidence and capability. Manicures and pedicures are more than a simple indulgence—they are a way of projecting an image to others that is reflective of the pride our clients take in themselves as an individual, a way to take a moment from their busy schedule and claim their right to be proud of their appearance.

Take hold of your confidence and let your beauty shine! Give the experienced nail technicians at Navarre Wellness a call today!