Medical Spa Massages
Medical Spa Massages

Medical Spa Massages

At Navarre Wellness, we know how closely the mind and body are related, and we firmly believe that medical spa massage services can address both components of your health and wellness. We have a friendly staff of licensed, professional massage therapists who specialize in providing massages for our clients that tame tension, alleviate stress, and relax mind, body, and emotion. At Navarre Wellness, we’re committed to bringing our clients the best care possible, in a comfortable, soothing environment where they can truly feel release and embrace healing. Our medical spa massage options include the following listed below.

Swedish Relaxation Massages

This is our classic medical spa massage treatment, designed to encourage the relaxation processes of both mind and body, soothe aching muscles, boost the circulation system, and relieve tension. Before each session, our massage therapists will consult with the client to customize massage to their particular needs and adjust the amount of pressure that is applied in each area, providing a touch that ranges from light to moderate.

Deep Tissue Massages

Our deep tissue massage applies deeper, more intense pressure and a series of compressions designed to lengthen the muscles fibers throughout the body in order to relieve pain and soothe muscle tension. We recommend this particular method for athletes and active clients whose greatest area of concern is the recovery of specific muscle groups.

Hot Stone Massages

For anyone who might be seeking more of a luxury medical spa massage option, the hot stone massage is designed to combine deep heat therapy produced by smooth, heated stones strategically placed at points along the body with the hand-applied pressure of a more traditional massage. The heat and pressure tame tension, reduce stress, and encourage the muscles to loosen.

Prenatal Massages

At Navarre Wellness, we believe that pregnancy brings a unique type of pressure on the female body, so we offer a safe and nurturing massage to expectant mothers. Our experienced massage therapists are skilled in addressing the particular needs of prenatal clients, providing them with a stress-fee, relaxing experience that relieves the lower back pain, water retention, and sciatica that so often occurs during pregnancy.

Additional Medical Spa Massages
  • Scalp Massage, which is beneficial in its ability to relieve stress and tension. Our skilled massage therapists will apply the perfect amount of pressure to that often overlooked area, focusing on the base of the scalp beneath the hairline, the sides of the head, the forehead, the chin, the hairline, as well as the neck, shoulders, and top of the spine.
  • Foot Massage, which focuses on the overworked area of the feet. This form of medical spa massage can can relieve the pain and stiffness that often plagues clients who spend extended periods of time on their feet, boosting the circulation in the feet and soothing sore muscles. Using applications of pressure focusing on all areas of the foot from heel to toe, our skilled massage therapists can provide a touch that is both stimulating and relaxing, encouraging the body to release tension and begin healing.
  • Far Infrared Sauna sessions can often be beneficial when used in conjunction with massage. This type of heat therapy works by directly heating the skin, using infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the body, stimulating the healing processes of the muscles and tissues. It can often be greatly effective in alleviating the pain caused by arthritis and injuries of the soft tissue and encourages detoxification.

Navarre Wellness has become an industry leader for our expertise in medical spa massage, and we strive to offer our clients the most excellent care, in an atmosphere that communicates our dedication to quality and our desire provide each and every client the sense of calm and confidence that they are receiving nothing less than our best. We’ll work with each and every client to design a massage that is customized specifically to suit their needs, so that they leave our care feeling relaxed, restored, refreshed, and well on their way to healing.

As you search for the very best medical spa massage services, let the friendly staff at Navarre Wellness take the pressure off––give us a call today!