Medical Spa Cellulite Treatments
Medical Spa Cellulite Treatments

Medical Spa Cellulite Treatments:
Smooth Operators or the Real Deal?

At Navarre Wellness, we offer a range of non-invasive, non-surgical options to address our clients’ needs, including medical spa cellulite treatments. As a growing segment of the industry, cellulite reduction therapies have seen greater advancements in technology, resulting in even greater results that are both more efficient and more effective over longer periods of time. When properly combined, tissue manipulation and infrared light therapies have proven themselves to be pivotal to these treatments, working together in such a way that they stimulate the body’s natural processes of fat metabolization and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

While it may not be an actual health concern, cellulite is one of the most common reasons that individuals seek out the care of a medical spa facility, hoping that these dimply, uneven areas of fat deposits in the skin can be reduced or eliminated without the need of liposuction or surgery. Fortunately, medical spa cellulite treatments have become more readily available over the years; and in keeping with the needs and expectations of our clients, Navarre Wellness provides medical spa cellulite treatments that result in smoother skin, virtually eliminating the areas of uneven, dimpled skin so indicative of cellulite.

VelaShape: Putting on the Pressure and Shedding Some Light

As with any service we provide, the medical spa cellulite treatments we offer at Navarre Wellness have been proven in their efficacy and safety, and we’ve come to rely on the leading edge technologies utilized by the VelaShape2 brand. Our clients trust us to give them sound advice; and because of the success we’ve seen with the VelaShape2 system, Dr. Pamela Sevndsen and the team of aestheticians at Navarre Wellness believe that by offering such medical spa cellulite treatments to our clients, we are offering them truly the best.

There’s a reason for that belief. In fact, as an early adopter of medical spa cellulite treatments, Dr. Svendsen has years of practical experience with these specially developed technologies, beginning at her Gulfport, MS, practice, which served as an FDA test facility. Since then, FDA approval has been issued; and medical spa cellulite treatments have consistently shown remarkable results, bringing about the advent of newer, greater technologies to target concentrated areas of cellulite.

As one of those more advanced systems, the VelaShape2 medical spa cellulite treatments have received a great deal of attention for their rate of success in reducing the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the body’s ability to tone, tighten, and re-contour.

In combining elōs (electrical-optical synergy), Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), and infrared light, VelaShape2 increases oxygen to the cells and heats the skin, which increases fat metabolism, thereby reducing the actual size of the fat chamber. As the skin heats, a small vacuum and specially-developed rollers manipulate and massage the tissues, smoothing them out to provide more efficient delivery of the light and radio energies as they work together to visibly smooth the skin.

While most medical spa cellulite treatments concentrate solely on the larger areas of hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdominal region, cellulite can still be visible in the neck and arms, and it was with these areas in mind that VelaShape2 developed a new applicator. Optimal results are achieved with weekly treatments over the course of 4-5 weeks and will generally require a touch-up application every 6-12 months.

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Working from the Outside In

At Navarre Wellness, we want to provide our clients with greater confidence in themselves; and we realize that for many, that confidence cannot be found without the elimination or reduction of cellulite. As part of our approach to treating our clients holistically, we feel the need offer solutions to such concerns, firmly believing that by helping them achieve their goals in reducing the appearance of cellulite, we can also help them achieve greater pride in themselves.

As you consider your own desire to reduce the appearance of cellulite, let Dr. Svendsen and the team of aestheticians at Navarre Wellness smooth the way! Give us a call today!