Colorescience Mineral Makeup
Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Mineral Makeup:
More Than Mere Makeup

One of the simplest, most effective ways of enhancing your appearance is through makeup; and in recent years, the formulation of mineral based makeup products has made increasing impact on the beauty industry. As one of the leading brands now on the market, Colorescience mineral makeup has become widely used by skincare professionals who recognize the superiority of the products and appreciate how beneficial they can be to clients who might have any type of dermatological issue. At Navarre Wellness, we proudly offer Colorescience mineral makeup and believe it to be the perfect complement to the medical spa aesthetics we provide.

Whether you hope to even out skin tone; minimize the appearance of aging; control oil and shine; disguise damaged skin; or simply enhance your look, Colorescience mineral makeup offers a full line of products designed to provide flawless coverage, protection from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun, and beauty benefits that reach far beneath the surface of the skin. In fact, as products free of fillers, dyes, mineral oils, fragrances, alcohol, or talc, the Colorescience line is an ideal way to care for your skin at the same time as you perfect your beauty regimen. At Navarre Wellness, we feel that, by endorsing the Colorescience mineral makeup products, we are giving our clients the ideal way to fully enhance their appearance after they have come to us for one of our medical spa aesthetics treatments. These are products with quality ingredients, specially formulated and trusted by dermatologists to be safe, effective, and even nourishing to the skin. For anyone with special dermatological conditions such as rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, or even simply sensitivity, the makeup formulations developed by Colorescience provide full, breathable coverage that offers far more than conventional makeup.

Beneficial Beauty

Unlike most beauty brands, Colorescience is a fusion of cosmetics and care, created to to be color, skincare, and suncare all in one. These products are preventative, restorative, and beautifying, each designed to address skin in a way that offers balance and protection.

Foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, eye color, and lip color come in a range of shades and finishes to compliment any skin tone with buildable, blendable coverage that is subtly enhancing and natural looking. The ingredients used in each product have been clinically tested and proven to be effective and gentle to the skin, which is why so many skincare professionals have endorsed the brand and recommended it to their clients. At Navarre Wellness, we encourage our own clients to try the Colorescience products as part of their skincare and beauty routines, especially those who have come to us for anti-aging products and anti-aging skin treatments. When used with the Colorescience primers, serums, cleansers, and Sunforgettables, these mineral makeup products have shown great results in hydrating the skin, brightening and evening the complexion, soothing redness and inflammation, and reducing the signs of aging for a flawless, youthful appearance.

Anti-aging skin treatments and medical spa aesthetics services such as facials, chemical peels, and deep cleansing depend on follow-up care and proper maintenance for them to be truly successful; and Colorescience mineral makeup has gained a strong reputation for its safe, gentle formulations and proven ability to calm sensitive skin, hydrate, and protect against sun damage, making it the perfect product line for any individual hoping to maintain, enhance, and lengthen the life of their skin care treatments.

At Navarre Wellness, we consider beauty and wellness to be directly related, and we feel that the Colorescience philosophy falls in line with that belief. We have great brand knowledge and can advise you on what shades, formulations, and products will best suit you as you seek to recapture and enhance your natural glow. We trust the company to be superior in quality and efficacy, so we proudly and confidently recommend the product line to our clients, knowing that they will see fast results that prove just why so many skin care professionals have come to endorse the brand.

Highlight your natural radiance and enhance the blush of youth! Give the friendly staff at Navarre Wellness a call today and let us tell you about the Colorescience difference!