Medical Spa Aesthetics: More Than a Fine Line

Medical Spa Aesthetics

To define things simply, medical spa aesthetics involve the use of technologically advanced skincare treatments that combine beauty services with healthcare. They utilize both natural ingredients as well as those developed by scientific research, which means that the results can often be greater than what might be possible strictly with one or the other. The most popular medical spa aesthetics treatments are designed to combat the signs of aging, but over the past few years, an increasing amount of people have become regular clients of the medical spa industry, seeking out solutions for everything from adolescent acne to sagging, sallow skin and remedies for fine lines and wrinkles at the hands of someone wielding lasers and brandishing needles.

Medical Spa Aesthetics: Have They Put Time in a Bottle?

As scientific research progressed, those treatments are becoming more and more specialized and more successful, which also means that the youthful appearance that once seemed lost is now able to be recaptured. Sometimes you really can trap time in a bottle––or in a jar––and the number of products designed to harness healthy and vibrant skin tone and texture has been steadily expanding. With those improvements have also come the decrease in pain and required recovery time that used to be associated with medical spa aesthetics treatments.

Medical Spa Aesthetics: Getting Deep

Aside from the anti-aging solutions so regularly sought out by clients of medical spas, laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin discoloration, collagen production, acne, and retexturing are some of the concerns that medical spa aesthetics addresses––so the ever-widening market can appeal to a broad range of clients, from teenagers to more mature adults. Even within those parameters, the number of people showing interest in medical spa aesthetics has increased. Where once the market might have been limited to a female demographic, men of all ages and socio-economic standing are now taking a more serious look at how medical spa aesthetics treatments might actually benefit them. Laser skincare therapies are being prescribed to men with such skin concerns as discoloration, acne rosacea, and broken capillaries.

Realistically speaking, the reasons behind seeking out the services provided by medical spa aesthetics is widening to become less strictly about frivolous vanity to be more inclusive of actual health benefits, which is why scientific technology has come so heavily into play as more treatments and procedures are developed and perfected. In some cases, doctors refer their patients to medical spas for options that might once have never been part of the “spa experience.” True, the services available under the medical spa aesthetics umbrella still largely address the goal of anti-aging, but no longer is it so limited or limiting.

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