What to Look for in a Med Spa

Med Spa

As they become increasingly commonplace, the option of visiting a medical spa, or med spa as they are often called, needs to be given just as much attention and consideration as a more conventional health care facility. After all, just as you wouldn’t entrust your health to a hospital with no credentials or affiliations with American medical associations, neither should you blindly believe that every med spa is properly licensed to practice every procedure they provide. Before making an appointment, schedule a consultation to visit the facility and familiarize yourself with the atmosphere and the staff. The med spa experience is designed to be a relaxing one, and unless you feel that your health is in capable hands, relaxation will be almost impossible.

Who’s on Board?

A reputable med spa will be able to provide you with state, federal, and local board licenses, and certifications to practice; and verification can be easily found at both the state and national medical board websites. Their training should be both up-to-date and extensive, and any nurse practitioner or registered nurse on staff should be under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. And while it’s important to do proper research on their professional accreditations, it’s also important to research their client satisfaction. What is their quality of care? Do they have many return clients, and do those clients typically recommend their services?

What’s the Deal?

If the costs of services being offered by a med spa seem too low, that might be a warning sign about the legitimacy of the source of the products they use. Genuine, FDA approved medications and products often come at a higher price, so if the discounts seem too deep, find out why.

How Clean is the Scene?

Just as any other medical site must maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, a med spa is also responsible to those same requirements, meeting certain board of health codes and operating in a sterile environment. A clean facility will not only offer you peace of mind, but it will be a clear indicator of their capability, the quality of care they provide, and their dedication to safeguard the health of their clients.

Risk or Reward?

Any services performed by a med spa will likely come with a certain amount of risk, but those risks should be fully disclosed and explained before any treatments have been administered. Your safety should be their highest priority; so if the risks involved are significant or are leaving you feeling at all uncertain, the physicians at the med spa should be supportive of your concerns and offer you assurances or alternatives, rather than pressuring you to proceed.

As you consider the options available, make sure to take a deeper look; not only will you be practicing prudence––you’ll be saving face.