The HCG Weight Loss Program – Fact or Fiction?

The HCG Weight Loss Program

If you pay any attention to media buzz, chances are you’ve heard about the increasingly popular hCG weight loss program, which combines regular injections of a pregnancy hormone called hCG and a very low calorie diet. And while the strange and drastic measures of this particular diet craze may offer the allure of fast results, it comes at a cost––the consumption of no more than 500 calories a day and the elimination of all carbs, sugars, alcohol, and dairy products.

For some people who have been frustrated by futile attempts at reaching a specific weight loss goal in the past, this might seem like a small price to pay, but the actual injections of the hCG can actually be expensive, dangerous, and just plain ineffective. The hCG weight loss program is a fast-fix approach to a long-term problem, and one that may very well prove to be more damaging to your health than you realize. In fact, the findings of in-depth medical studies have driven the FDA to officially ban the use of over-the-counter preparations of hCG, citing the drug to be questionable in its efficacy as well as detrimental to your health, often causing side effects such as constipation, headaches, leg cramps, blood clots, breast tenderness, and temporary hair thinning. Further raising red flags on the hCG weight loss program, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians has openly recommended against using this method, as it has yet to be proven for providing any weight loss benefits.

Testing the Trend

Even so, the hCG weight loss program has experienced a surge in popularity––though many medical experts maintain that most of the weight loss experienced by any individual following the hCG weight loss program has been a result of the highly restricted caloric intake, rather than the hormone itself. At Navarre Wellness we believe that weight loss goals can be reached in a safe and effective manner by following a low carb diet plan based on your personal needs, and we have years of experience in creating these realistic nutritional plans for our clients.

While many weight loss centers may blindly follow the trends in the interest of maintaining their own popularity, Navarre Wellness places our clients’ safety and health as our highest priority. Such integrity has kept us on the leading edge in an industry that shifts more frequently than the needle on a scale, and the patients under the care of our weight loss experts can rest assured that we will never sacrifice their safety to improve our bottom line.

Call the experienced staff at Navarre Wellness to find out more about how the nutritional components of our weight loss plans can benefit you!