Facial Lines

Facial Lines:
Lining-Up the Options

Facial lines can be the bane of your existence, whether they’re making you look older than you actually are or they’re simply making you feel less confident in your appearance. Fortunately, the beauty industry has made facial lines one of their greatest targets, developing specially formulated facial skin care treatments, fillers, and a wide range of other products and procedures that have shown themselves to be highly effective in erasing those lines.

Because faces are expressive, facial lines are an inevitable part of living; but they don’t have to become so deep or pronounced that they become a focal point of your face. You want the people looking at you to see you and how beautiful, radiant, and youthful you are; and eliminating or reducing lines in the forehead, around the mouth, and under the eyes is a great way to remind them that lines are not defining.

With that in mind, it’s reassuring to know that undoing the damage and preventing lines from forming in the future doesn’t require the use of a scalpel. In fact, it sometimes doesn’t even require any downtime and can be done in the space of your lunch break.

Facial Lines:
Filling In the Facts

It may have all started with Botox, but when it comes to eliminating lines around the mouth or in many other areas of the face, the usage of injectables has been explosively successful and increasingly cutting edge; and now facial fillers have joined the line-up against lines. Whether your frown lines are giving you grief or you’re scoping out the benefits of finding an under eye filler, fillers will eliminate lines around mouth and nose, under the eyes, in the forehead, and even in the lips to re-boost your beauty and magnify your magnificence.

Whatever approach you take, however, Botox and facial fillers should only be administered by a knowledgeable, licensed professional. Taking the cheapest option may seem like you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck; but in the end, you may end up replacing those happily-earned laugh lines with the worry lines of regret. Remember to do your research—not only on the facilities themselves, but also on their recommendations, bearing in mind that, above all else, you want to achieve natural, expressive results that let you shine through.

Whether you’re needing guidance on treating and preventing facial lines, considering the benefits of simple medical spa aesthetics, or seeking anti aging spa treatments to help you reclaim your youthful glow, lay down the line and take your beauty into your own hands. Give the team at Navarre Wellness a call today!