What to Expect with Chemical Peels

Ouch! Bad chemical peels plus untrained techs equals permanent damage


A chemical peel should leave you with softer, smoother, glowing skin.

It should NOT leave you with painful burns, open skin sores and permanent scarring.

Chemical peels done incorrectly can result in second-degree burns on the face, neck or any other area that is treated.

Those who have experienced it know the signs of a bad chemical peel:

· Red, “raw” skin that is painful to touch

· Open sores

· Excessive “crusting”

· Blotchy, dark discoloration (hyperpigmentation)

· Lighter patches of skin (hypopigmentation)

· Permanent scarring

· Premature aging

Some of these issues sound worse than the problems a chemical peel is designed to treat! How does this happen?

Facial peels work by using a chemical action to remove the old upper layer of the skin, which shows damage and causes dullness, to reveal new, fresher skin. A peel that is applied and used incorrectly can cause a chemical burn, as would any caustic substance that burns or irritates your skin.

Done correctly, a chemical peel can be a minimally disruptive way to treat skin damage issues and cosmetic imperfections, such as:

· Sun damage

· Pigment spots

· Uneven skin tone

· Acne

· Acne scars

· Fine surface lines · Wrinkles and other signs of aging

· Dull skin

A chemical peel encourages skin regeneration and the production of healthy new surface cells. Essentially, it’s a chemical exfoliation.

An inexperienced technician may not have the right training or a familiarity with the products they use to provide a safe and effective procedure. A chemical peel that is too strong is left on too long or is simply the wrong choice for a patient’s skin type can result in anything from temporary discomfort to permanent scars and discoloration.

At Navarre Wellness, we use the latest, high-quality innovations in skincare and aesthetics. Our fully licensed team of trained and experienced aestheticians works closely with you to formulate a treatment plan specific to your skin and your goals to achieve the best results and provide the greatest experience possible.

While chemical peels work by irritating the underlying layers of skin, that doesn’t mean you should spend painful weeks healing from the experience. Light peels may have zero downtime and little irritation, while deeper peels for deeper wrinkles may take some time to get back to normal and will require a more intensive healing regimen for optimal results.

With any peel, it’s critical for follow your provider’s instructions and to be diligent about protecting your face from the sun. Our chemical peels from Image Skincare are fully customizable for each woman’s skin type and issues, from light to deep penetration and even an organic option.

Our trusted treatments include:

Perfect Derma Peel: Perfect Derma Peel uses a powerful, effective blend of ingredients designed to suit all skin types. Just one treatment can create dramatic results.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel: Targets mild to moderate imperfections in the skin including fine lines, wrinkles and roughness. You can see noticeable improvements after one peel and full results after three to six applications.

SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel: This more intense peel treats moderate to severe skin imperfections and provides noticeable results after just one treatment, including diminished fine lines and wrinkles and a smoother texture overall. You’ll see full results after three to six peels.

At Navarre Wellness, our trained aestheticians know how to create a peel program for you that will maximize results and minimize pain and healing time.

Contact us today to learn more about our experienced team and to set up a consultation with an aesthetician who can provide you with information about the precise treatments you’ll need to achieve the results you want. Call us today at (850) 677-0497 or conveniently schedule your appointment online.