What Makes Up Your Makeup?

There are a number of mineral-based makeup lines now available on the market, but Colorescience has set itself apart as a brand that incorporates skin care, sun care, and color into each of their products, which means that using them goes beyond simply the enhancement of your appearance.

Amazingly enough, many people don’t realize that cosmetics they use can actually have long term effects on their looks, but their ingredients have the potential to absorb into the skin––which also means they can cause harm. Fortunately, those ingredients can also be nourishing and protective, which was the concept behind the formulation of the Colorescience brand.

Whether you’re hoping to turn back the hands of time with products that target and combat the signs of aging or simply enhance your natural beauty, Colorescience mineral makeup, suncare, and treatments are the perfect way to combine all of your needs into your daily regimen.

Each of the products contains pure ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties––whether that means restoring and maintaining moisture or simply providing protection from UVA and UVB rays. Doctors all over the country have endorsed Colorescience mineral makeup, moisturizers, and serums; and it’s even become a well-known brand in medical spas specifically because of the restorative properties of the vitamins and antioxidants the line contains all of which make Colorescience products ideal for use after medical spa treatments that may leave the skin sensitive as it recovers.

The thinner skin of the lips and the areas around the eyes are not only extremely vulnerable to the signs of aging, they’re also especially sensitive to the sun. Despite the fact that these parts of the face are at a greater risk for damage, however, they often go unprotected during everyday life. By using Colorescience cosmetics, even those areas of the skin are given a protective mineral barrier against the damaging rays of the sun; and the foundations, powders, and concealers that Colorescience offers are specially formulated with zinc and iron oxides that provide physical, rather than chemical, barriers agains sun damage which means that you’re applying a product that is gentle, natural, and actually beneficial to the health of your skin.

Cosmetic color and skincare really can be combined into one product, and Colorescience mineral makeup has proven that without doubt. The ingredient lists speak for themselves; but even more than that, the satisfaction of their users show just how beneficial this brand has been.

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