Circles Under Eyes

Circles Under Eyes:
Unpack the Bags

Circles under eyes can be caused by a multitude of things—lack of sleep and allergies among them—but most often, they’re simply caused by the natural processes of aging. Unfortunately, as the skin ages, it loses its ability to bounce back as collagen and elastin production slows, allowing fine lines under eyes to develop along with dark bags that seem to speed along the aging process.

Finding a natural eye treatment isn’t always possible, so many people turn to targeted anti aging laser treatments or Botox and facial fillers to combat dark under eyes and eliminate under eye fine lines. Finding the best under eye solutions is, of course, dependent on the cause and severity of the problem as well as whatever sensitivities you might have. Accumulating dark circles under your eyes hardly accentuates your assets—rather, it can detract and distract from your natural radiance and age you well beyond your years.

Age aside, even young people can suffer from having circles under eyes simply because of environmental factors such as sun damage, from constant rubbing of the area, and even because of genetics. Whatever the case may be, however, solving the issue is high on the priority list; and, as technology becomes more advanced, those solutions are becoming increasingly accessible and even more effective. It’s no longer necessary to succumb to the scalpel to unpack those bags and undo the damage so that the circles don’t leave you running in circles trying to find something that actually shows results. If you’re willing to work with a dermatologist, they can advise you on in-office treatments and services that won’t require lengthy healing processes or budget-busting maintenance plans, including lasers and injectables, both of which have seen marked increases in their applications as battle weapons against the bags.

The skin care market has greatly expanded its offerings, as well, with anti aging products formulated using ingredients proven to stimulate collagen cell production and rehydrate areas where circles are caused by a lack of moisture. Topically applied vitamins and anti-oxidants can rejuvenate, rehydrate, and resurface the areas under the eyes where circles seem impossible to get rid of, which means that at-home solutions are readily at hand and can be easily maintained.

Having circles under your eyes doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. Knowing what’s causing them, however, is important in solving the issue, so sometimes having professional advice is the best option—especially in the case that you might be considering laser treatments or injectables.

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