Botox Injectables

At Navarre Wellness, we offer a range of anti-aging treatments and spa services, including Botox injections administered by a team of professionals who have years of experience in the field. As an FDA-approved product, Botox has become one of the most utilized anti-aging treatments on the market, steadily gaining more and more use by individuals who are searching for non-invasive, effective methods of reversing the clock and recapturing the glow of youth.

What Can Botox Do for Me?

Botox is an injectable chemical comprised of a neurotoxin complex which temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause wrinkle-causing contractions in the face. Once those muscles have been paralyzed, fine lines and wrinkles are essentially released, in turn giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Ideal for anyone hoping to reduce or remove facial wrinkles, Botox provides a safe, efficient treatment requiring little to no recovery time; and clients can generally expect to experience no side effects. In some cases, temporary bruising, redness, flu-like symptoms, headaches, or drooping eyelids near the sight of injection do occur; but a majority of clients will never experience these potential side effects.

Customized Care and Botox Treatments at Navarre Wellness

At Navarre Wellness, we have a full team of licensed aestheticians who will consult with you as you consider your own possible needs for Botox injections. We want to ensure that each client in our care is properly informed of each step of the treatment, so that you feel fully comfortable with our abilities in safe administration and product knowledge. We want you to know just what kind of results can be achieved, enlightened of any considerations you might be facing in regards to follow-up treatments, and provided with a customized plan geared toward your specific needs. Each face is different, therefore each case is different; so our team of Botox experts, led by Dr. Pamela Svendsen, will take the time to discuss all of your options so that we can determine that Botox truly is your best course of action. We have a practice built strong on our reputation of integrity and dedication to our clients, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Though there might initially be some side effects, on the whole, Botox has proven itself to be safe and efficient; and the side effects that may arise are temporary. When properly administered, the results achieved by Botox can be both natural and expressive, rather than stiff and artificial looking. At Navarre Wellness, we pride ourselves on our first-class care and knowledge of the latest anti-aging treatments; and we feel that by offering Botox, we are offering our clients one of the best products on the market.

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, but they needn’t become a lasting concern. At Navarre Wellness, we know that confidence can be affected by appearance; and by offering Botox to our clients, we feel that we’re providing not simply an anti-aging medical spa treatment, but also an extra boost of confidence in the image you present to the world. We want you to look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside; to look natural in that youthfulness; and to feel that, when people look at you, they see radiance and vitality. Wrinkles have a way of reducing that radiance, but when you visit the team of skilled aestheticians at Navarre Wellness, you can relax and rest assured that your face is in good hands.

We’ll discuss your trouble areas and show you the potential results you can expect from Botox, review any medications you might be taking and how they might interact with Botox treatments, decide on a plan that fits your specific needs and budget, and discuss the ways that you can prevent the reappearance of those fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the possibility of new ones.

As you consider your own needs for Botox and other anti-aging treatments, give the team at Navarre Wellness a call. We’ll erase those worry lines and make them a thing of the past so that you can face the future looking as young as you feel!